PUSH Sweden is a youth climate organisation. It was founded in February 2013. PUSH Sweden’s aim is to gather all Swedish young people who want to work for climate action in Sweden, the EU and the rest of the world. With a “long-term sustainable society” PUSH Sweden mean a society which is organized in a way that do not imperil future generations’ abilities to have a good life. We want a society which uses our shared resources in a sustainable and just way. With “just” we mean both global justice and intergenerational equity. A long-term sustainable society therefore imply both ecological, social and economic sustainability. PUSH Sweden wants to create a strong voice for the young people in Sweden who seek to solve the climate crisis, and further motivate and inspire more young people to actively engage in this matter.

Through offering a platform and network, projects come to life. The organisation is for all youth who agree with our values’. By offering meet-ups, trainings and collaborative platforms we help engaged youth to realise their own projects and ideas for a better future. We are enabling a new generation of changemakers.

For more information in english, contact us at info@pushsverige.se. Currently only a small portion of our documents are available in english. If you wish to participate at any of our meetings, we can arrange for it to be in english! Be sure to contact us in advance at info@pushsverige.se! The international group always has meetings in english.